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Inspection Camera Services in Atlanta, GA | Camera Inspection Services

R.S. Andrews offers specialized Inspection camera services in Atlanta, GA, providing a critical look inside your plumbing systems.

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Inspection Camera

Inspection Camera Service

An inspection camera service is a specialized process that uses advanced camera technology to inspect the interior of plumbing systems, sewer lines, and pipes. This service is critical for diagnosing hidden problems that are not visible to the naked eye, such as blockages, leaks, and wear in pipes. 

At R.S. Andrews, our camera inspections help identify issues early, preventing potential damage and costly repairs.

How Does It Work?

The process of a camera inspection service begins with introducing a high-resolution camera attached to a flexible rod into the plumbing system or sewer line. This setup allows the camera to navigate through twists and turns within the pipes. After that, it transmits video footage back to the technician in real-time.

The camera used in these services is equipped with lights to illuminate the dark environments of pipes and sewers. As such, it gives a clear view of any obstructions, damages, or irregularities. Technicians monitor the footage to assess the condition of the plumbing and sewer systems accurately. They can spot issues like cracks, clogs, and buildup, which might require immediate attention.

Once the inspection is complete, the findings are documented, and a detailed report is provided. This report helps homeowners or property managers understand the necessary repairs or maintenance that may be needed.

Pipeline Video Inspections

At R.S. Andrews, our pipeline video inspection services provide a detailed look inside your pipes using cutting-edge camera technology. This service is ideal for diagnosing hidden issues within your plumbing system. This allows our experts to identify and address problems such as blockages, leaks, and pipe deterioration. 

Using high-resolution pipeline video inspection cameras, we thoroughly assess every part of your pipeline, helping to prevent future issues and maintain optimal functionality.

Infrared Inspection Camera Services

Our infrared inspection camera services at R.S. Andrews offer a non-invasive way to check behind walls and other inaccessible areas for problems that aren’t immediately visible. This advanced technology detects variations in temperature caused by hidden leaks, electrical issues, or insulation gaps.

By providing a precise and efficient inspection process, our infrared cameras save you time and money on diagnostic fees while ensuring your property’s safety and energy efficiency.

Drain and Sewer Camera Inspection

R.S. Andrews also specializes in drain and sewer camera inspection. Our high-tech cameras navigate through your sewer lines and drains, providing clear images that help detect any obstructions, damages, or misalignments. These inspections are essential for regular maintenance. Aside from that, they are also particularly valuable in diagnosing recurring drainage issues or before purchasing a new property. 

Problems That Camera Inspection Identifies

Camera inspection services are an essential tool in maintaining the health of your plumbing and sewer systems. At R.S. Andrews, our advanced camera technology enables us to perform comprehensive pipe inspection services that check various issues that could affect the performance and safety of your sewer lines and pipes.

Here are some of the common problems our camera inspections can identify:

Blockages and Clogs

One of the primary uses of sewer line camera inspections is to locate blockages or clogs within the pipes. Whether caused by household waste, tree roots, or other obstructions, our cameras can spot the exact location and nature of the blockage. 

Pipe Damage

Over time, pipes can suffer from various forms of damage, such as cracks, breaks, and collapses. Camera inspections help visualize these issues in detail. This is crucial for planning effective repair strategies without unnecessary excavation.


The interior condition of pipes can degrade due to corrosion, affecting water quality and pipe integrity. Our camera inspection services can detect early signs of corrosion and deterioration within the pipe, enabling proactive maintenance.

Misalignments and Bellied Pipes

Pipes that have sunk or misaligned, known as bellied pipes, can collect water and waste, leading to backups. A detailed line inspection using our advanced cameras will identify these structural issues.

Intrusive Tree Roots

Tree roots can infiltrate sewer lines through tiny openings, expanding over time and causing significant damage and blockages. Camera inspections can spot these intrusions early before they become more severe problems.

When to Consider Sewer Line Camera Inspection

Knowing when to schedule a sewer line camera inspection can save you from costly plumbing emergencies. Here are several scenarios where considering a professional inspection of your sewer lines and pipes is essential:

Frequent Blockages and Slow Drains

If you frequently encounter clogs or slow draining, it could indicate deeper issues within your sewer line. A camera inspection helps diagnose the root cause, whether it’s buildup or obstructions.

Unusual Gurgling Noises

Hearing odd noises from your toilets or sinks can be a sign of sewer line distress. Camera inspections can reveal if there are blockages or other disruptions in the line.

Older Plumbing Systems

If your home has old plumbing, periodic inspections can preempt major repairs by spotting potential problems early.

Before Purchasing a Home

Understanding the condition of a property’s sewer line before buying can prevent surprises. A camera inspection can provide a clear picture of the sewer system’s health.

After Severe Weather Events

Extreme weather can shift the ground and damage underground pipes. After such events, a sewer line inspection can ensure the integrity of your plumbing.

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Don’t wait for a plumbing emergency to find out there’s a problem. R.S. Andrews offers professional camera inspections that provide you with peace of mind. Schedule your inspection with R.S. Andrews today and ensure your plumbing system is in top condition. Contact us at (770) 674-8996 to find out more about our services.

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