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Professional Advice on Commercial Rooftop HVAC Unit Installation

Professional Advice on Commercial Rooftop HVAC Unit Installation

HVAC rooftop unit installations are popular in commercial properties due to their wide-ranging benefits. They include improved energy efficiency, reduced space consumption, and the ability to provide heating and air conditioning within a packaged unit. However, an improperly installed commercial HVAC rooftop unit may result in extensive structural damage to the building’s roofing, which can cause a significant financial setback for your organization in repair or replacement costs.

Here’s a breakdown of the factors you should consider and the benefits of having a packaged unit for your building’s HVAC needs. This information can help protect your new HVAC equipment and the building’s roofing system. Consequently, you may also have the chance to derive maximum value from both systems during their useful years.

Considerations You Should Make Before Investing in HVAC Rooftop Unit Installations

Commercial rooftop HVAC units require special considerations during their installation. Firstly, with the help of your contractor, you should identify the best location to place the system and determine the load unit it may place on the roofing system. The heaviest parts of the equipment should be mounted over a beam for steady support. If the system’s unstable, it may cause tearing or sagging, and ultimately, roof leaks.

You should hire a contractor with adequate familiarity with HVAC rooftop unit installation projects. Finding one that specializes in handling the particular brand you’re looking for may be an added advantage. Your technician should know and understand the manufacturer’s instructions on conducting roofing penetrations and mounting roofing curbs. Failure to adhere to the recommended specifications could void your system’s warranty.

Additionally, you should avoid installing commercial rooftop HVAC units directly on the roofing if your property features a membrane system. Under such circumstances, your contractor should strategically mount strut supports for holding the packaged unit’s beams. This can help minimize damage to the commercial roofing system.

The Benefits of Commercial Rooftop HVAC Units

Below are a few compelling reasons why a commercial HVAC rooftop unit installation may benefit your organization.

Modular Flexibility

Split systems rarely leave room for expansion. So, if you plan on upgrading your building’s HVAC infrastructure, you may have to schedule a full replacement service. However, rooftop units are modular, allowing you to add another system without significant adjustments when you need extra heating or cooling power.

Enhanced Energy Efficiency

Packaged systems built according to the High Performance Rooftop Unit Specification can reduce energy consumption by 40 to 50 percent. Also, modern rooftop HVAC systems have higher HSPF and SEER efficiencies than most commercial HVAC types. Additionally, they feature extra ventilation options for improved efficiency in maintaining indoor air quality.

Choose a Professional Commercial HVAC Rooftop Unit Installation Company

A commercial rooftop HVAC unit is a cost-intensive investment, and that’s why you should look for a professional and experienced contractor for installation solutions.

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