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Renovating Your Building – Commercial HVAC Design

Renovating Your Building Commercial HVAC Design

Whether you have a small commercial location just for you, or you own a large property that houses many different businesses, making the decision to renovate is both a challenging and exciting time. Like many business owners, you look forward to picking out new color schemes, updating the look and feel, creating new layouts and plans, purchasing new furniture and décor. All of it will leave a space that functions better and looks lovelier too.

Yet there is one aspect of your renovation plan that you may have overlooked even though it’s critical to the function of your space – commercial HVAC design.

In the beginning, your commercial space was designed for one purpose. Your HVAC system was designed to maximize efficiency within that space, ultimately with that purpose in mind.

Then things changed. New tenants may have moved in. Your mission and concept may have changed. Times changed, bringing innovation and technology into play.

Consider why you’ve decided to move forward with a renovation in the first place.

If you’re a restaurant or retail space, it may be to provide better functionality and more comfort to your customers and employees.

If you own office space, it may be to improve efficiencies and provide better flow as technology and tenant demand drives it.

And as a building owner, high on your list is also likely to include reducing your energy expenses.

That’s where updating your HVAC design becomes an important part of the overall plan.

If you leave your commercial HVAC design to the contractor, you may end up simply replacing your existing system with a similar kind. Which is both a missed opportunity and a potential major mistake.

Chances are your old system is no longer the best option for your business. It may be the wrong equipment – can a newer designed heat pump replace your gas package unit? Could zone system and controls increase your efficiency and better target temperature control? It may have weak airflow – is the ductwork working efficiently, providing conditioned air where it needs to be?

The only way you can ensure maximum efficiency is to speak with an HVAC contractor long before you start your renovation process?

Are you renovating your commercial space this year?

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