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9 Reasons to Get Your Furnace Serviced – Now!

A well-maintained furnace burner
A well-maintained furnace burner

We’ve talked about furnace and HVAC maintenance frequently here on the R.S. Andrews blog, but we know that most of the time heating and air conditioning systems just get ignored until they malfunction and stop working. Avoiding an emergency that could result in a financial catastrophe is all the incentive anyone should need to prioritize regular furnace maintenance, but today we thought we’d offer you some specifics so you can get an idea of what our technicians look for as part of servicing your heating system.

9 Reasons to Get Your Furnace Serviced Now

  1. Assessing the overall condition of your heating system and benchmarking its capabilities will allow you to understand how well your system is functioning, and what you may need to find a replacement system if your furnace is near the end of its service life. Input from the professionals is crucial at this stage – you’ll be living with any new furnace you buy for 20+ years!
  2. Our techs have the tools and know-how to check for hazardous debris in your chimney or flue and remove obstructions before they can cause carbon monoxide buildup or other issues.
  3. We can check the ignition and gas pilot safety system in your furnace to ensure that there is no risk of a gas leak in your home, and confirm that the safety circuit is functioning properly.
  4. Avoiding build up of dirt and debris is easy when you’re getting regular maintenance – our heating experts can clean off any dirt build up from blower blades, allowing your furnace’s efficiency to increase by up to 20%.
  5. We can make sure that airflow over your heat exchanger is at proper levels and is free of dirt buildup. Dirty blades use more electricity and restrict airflow, and will make your furnace run at a hotter temperature, increase stress on the system as it expands and contracts.
  6. Inspection will head off premature failure of equipment and extend the life of your HVAC system while keeping you and your family safe from system malfunction.
  7. Inspection will also allow us to make sure that your system is performing efficiently and let us dial in an under-performing system so you can stop wasting energy dollars. Lack of proper maintenance can increase furnace operating costs by anywhere from 10 to 50% or more, almost solely due to dirty burners, blowers and filters and improperly calibrated thermostats.
  8. Regular maintenance will help you avoid silent threats to your health from indoor air quality issues or carbon monoxide – which can even kill you.
  9. You’ll be ensuring you don’t have an unexpected “No Heat in the Middle of Winter” day – something that’s sure to ruin whatever plans you had no matter when it occurs!

We hope you have a better idea of why furnace maintenance is so important and how calling R.S. Andrews to service your system is important for all Atlanta homeowners this winter. If you have any questions about your furnace or HVAC system, give us a call today!

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