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What Goes Into HVAC Maintenance?

homeowner-300x224We are making the assumption that by reading this blog, you know that R.S. Andrews is your go to source for all your HVAC needs (as well as plumbing!). However, when people call us to schedule regular maintenance checks on their HVAC systems, they often have no idea what it is we are doing.

So in an effort to educate our customers, we put together a quick rundown of what it is we are doing when we’re poking around your HVAC system as well as simple steps you can take on your own to aid in maintaining your HVAC system.

R.S. Andrews techs will, amongst other things:

Check for Leaks: The smallest leak in your HVAC system can end up costing you big in the long run. That’s why we check for multiple types of leaks in your system – first for any refrigerant leaks which would cause low refrigerant levels and a faulty system, and also for any air leaks in your air ducts  that could be diverting the airflow in your home.

Check Electrical Components: Today most HVAC systems are entirely electronically controlled. This means a little bug or glitch in the system can throw it everything off.

First we will have to check the accuracy of your thermostat and adjust accordingly if needed. Then we need to check all the electric terminals for your unit, as your terminals may need to be tightened, cleaned, or treated with a non-conductive coating. We will also check to make sure your system’s electric control sequence is operating heat and cooling separately.

Monitor Air Flow: This one is rather obvious, but checking the belts, fans, and motor oil in your HVAC system is a big part of our maintenance call. Even the slightest wear and tear on a belt can result in big trouble down the road. Belts are one of the major components to producing airflow in your system, so it’s very important they are operating in top form. We will also measure to make sure that air is running through the evaporator coil at efficient levels.

For even more details of what heating and cooling maintenance entails, check out our 30 Point Tune-Up!

What You Can Do: While regular HVAC service is important to maintaining an efficient system, it isn’t all in our hands. It’s the homeowner’s responsibility to make sure that your system has clean filters. A dirty filter will just slow down the whole operation, making your HVAC system work harder to the same job and end up costing you on your energy bill.

You also should take the time to make sure the outdoor parts of your HVAC system are clean and unobstructed. This means regularly checking to make sure no leaves, branches, plants, or weeds are around your unit. Also, giving it a good rinse with the hose will wash off any debris from the unit itself.

To schedule your regular HVAC maintenance check, call R.S. Andrews today at (770) 913–6412.

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