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5 Ways Old Wiring Could Be A Potential Threat To Your Commercial Property in Atlanta

If your commercial space is housed in a building built twenty, thirty, forty years before or more, chances are you rarely think about what’s behind the drywall.

We love old buildings for their character and charm. But what many of us don’t realize is that old wiring and electrical work hidden deep in the walls is a problem. It is one of the leading causes of fire in older buildings. It produces many different hazards to our way of living.


Low Amp Wiring

Think back to life a decade or two ago. We didn’t have smart devices. Computers were the “latest and greatest” technology to enter our lives. We didn’t have a computer sitting on every desk; offices shared technology to get things done. Printers, copiers, faxes – consider how much we’ve changed every decade. Would we even recognize an office from the 1950s or 1960s if we walked into the space today? Old wiring wasn’t rated to handle the kind of equipment we use today. This can result in overloading circuits, which can cause electrical fires.

Poorly Modified Wiring

Buildings are often changed and modified as tenants come and go. It’s not uncommon to have the wiring tinkered with over the years. Yet many of the repair technicians or handyman services that do the work aren’t qualified or trained in making major upgrades. This means there may be loose live wires, badly executed connections, and many other problems lurking behind the drywall.

Faulty Breakers

When was the last time your circuit panel was upgraded? If you can’t remember or don’t know, it’s entirely possible that the switches and breakers that make up the circuits may be faulty too. Every piece of your electrical system is important and must be up to code and operational to ensure safety throughout your building.

Old Wire Insulation

Old electrical wire means old insulation covering the wire. Like everything, things simply wear out over time. Insulation may have been chewed by animals, damaged by movement of screws and nails placed in the walls, or simply disintegrates from age. This leaves wiring within exposed and vulnerable.

Poor Design

We’ve all learned a thing of two over time. Today’s buildings are safer, more secure, stronger, and better made than buildings from even just a few years ago. It’s not that they did a job when your property was built; times changed. Depending on the age of your building, your electrical system may have been designed to meet the standards and codes that were present at that time. Codes and standards have changed a lot since then, and there’s a good chance your electrical wiring wouldn’t pass today’s inspections.

Call R.S. Andrews for Electricians in Atlanta

The truth is it doesn’t take very long for your building to be old and outdated. In very short order, there could be some electrical concerns hiding behind your walls. If you aren’t sure, then the best course of action is to have a professional electrician take a look and ensure there aren’t any major fire risks.

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