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How To Reduce Your Winter Electric Bill


Ever notice how winter’s chill comes faster every year? Leaves turn, pumpkin-flavored treats show up everywhere, and all of a sudden the temperatures drop low enough that it’s time to turn on your heat pump.

And once you flip the switch, you know it’ll be running full speed ahead for the coming few months.

It’s enough to make anyone shake their head in frustration, knowing the next electric bill will be shockingly high. How much is it going to rise this year?

Yet no matter what the numbers on the electric bill look like, you simply don’t want to compromise on comfort. When you’re at home, being comfy is important. But is there a way to have both?

The answer is yes. And it’s surprisingly easy to stay warm while cutting back how much you spend each month on your utility costs.

Look At Your Electronics Consumption

You’ve probably heard the standard advice of sealing gaps around doors and windows. But did you know that a lot of your energy waste never leaves your home?

We’re adding more electronic gadgets to our homes every day. TVs, computers, smart technology, it all sucks lots of energy day and night. Whether you’re using them or not. The EPA has estimated that these gadgets are currently burning more than 100 billion kilowatt hours of electricity nationwide each year.

That can be as much as $10 billion in energy costs.

The easiest way to reduce this cost is to simply unplug your gadgets, but we all know that’s difficult, sometimes impossible to do. We need them. And we want them available at a moment’s notice.

There are other options. Big ticket items like a TV and computer equipment are your biggest energy suckers. You can use smart power strips and surge suppressors that will shut down power when it senses gadgets are in standby mode. Or how about installing power switches that let you control the power to any outlet with a flick of a switch? Perfect for countertop appliances and areas where you plugin your smart devices for a recharge.

Choose Energy Friendly Gadgets

While saving energy may be important to you, it’s also a given that we’re not going to give up convenience. Instead, choose to make the items you do use as energy friendly as possible.

Dimmer switches are another option for saving money. Installed on any light fixture they actually reduce your power consumption by at least 10% just by simply being installed.

Replacement of the bulbs in your fixtures, and lamps, with LED can drastically save you money. Most standard 60 watt light bulbs have an LED replacement that only uses 4-5 watts. Any recessed can in your home generally will use a 65 watt, or 75 watt halogen bulb. LED replacements for recess cans, or exterior flood lights, are only using 12 watts max! Within 1.5 years of use, the LED bulbs pay for themselves in most cases. Maintenance cost is another drastic savings. Fluorescent fixtures in your kitchen can be retrofitted with LED tubes that last up to 45 years! Imagine saving money on your lighting, as well as maintenance cost, and never having to change another bulb out in your home!

Purchase Energy Star appliances whenever you make a new purchase. Even switching to LED in every room in your home can help for the long term. And depending on how you upgrade and what technology you purchase, you may be eligible for rebates, depending on your area and the company you choose. Just ask – we can point you towards some great ways to save in both areas.

What are you doing to save on your electric bill this winter?

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